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Colonial Alpacas

A Natural State of Comfort

Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Synthetics!

We carry both 100% American made accessories as well as Peruvian made accessories.

Please note: Call if you are interested in socks. My inventory is running low, but I might have your color and size in stock.

We are proud to carry a line of 100% USA Made alpaca accessories. Alpaca fiber from throughout the USA is gathered at a co-op in New Bedford, Massachusetts, where it is sorted and graded. Once this is accomplished, the fiber is sent out to USA factories to be made into alpaca accessories. As a member of the co-op, we purchase products then offer them to you at affordable prices.

Our survival socks are our biggest seller year after year, and we have many repeat customers, with a few customers buying a dozen or two each year for gifts!

Open from September through the end of December on weekends from noon to 4 pm.

The fingerless gloves have been a big hit as they are practical working gloves providing warmth and wearability. My wife and I are dog trainers, and the fingerless gloves are perfect when using food-based reward training.

In addition to our USA line of accessories, we also carry products made in Peru. Our Peruvian products are the luxury line of our alpaca clothing. We are proud to sell Peruvian products and do our best to keep our products priced below the suggested retail. If you want style, comfort, softness, and luxury, check out our Peruvian products.